Why You Need a Good Night Sleep

Good Night Sleep

Getting a good night sleep is one of those things that you hear doctors talk about all the time. But none of them actually takes the time to tell you why.

First off, there’s the lymphatic system that cleans up your brain during sleepy time. That’s something like garbage collection.

Imagine those guys went on strike for a month. The whole city would stink! If you wouldn’t sleep and wouldn’t be able to massively reduce your blood flow and pressure (which happens in your sleep) from time to time. You’d have your entire body filled up with residues and toxins from what you ate and your body consumed.

The lymphatic system cleans up your brain while you have a good night sleep. There’s an awesome TED talk on that by Jeff Iliff neuroscientist.

Then there’s long-term memory allocation. The linking of events (which is a part of learning) takes place during sleep. If you learn too much and don’t sleep on it, you’re much more likely to forget it all. Remember college? I almost don’t…

Another scientist, Michio Kaku, hints towards some research on prolonging life. Yes, they actually studied ways of prolonging life and they’ve actually found the secret for it. In one sentence: reduce your calorie intake. Eat less, that’s it. A safe bet is that if you sleep more, you’ll need to eat less. Night-time fasting rules!

A good night sleep reduces your blood pressure and boosts your immunity. That’s always a healthy choice. Because of that, your skin will get better, your vision will improve, your overall stamina will increase. And your focus will be more focused.

So what’s worth more to you, staying up late feeling lonely online or looking and feeling good the next day? Hell, if it doesn’t work, you can always go back to your sleepless activities.

I know lots of people who stay up late after a long day at work, only to find themselves tired in the morning. Waking up, doing the same things over and over, tiring themselves to the bone.

You can choose to be different. You can toughen yourself up to be able to withstand days of going to bed early, nights without TV, weekends without drinking.

Also, you can train yourself to fall asleep faster and without the need of tools. I’m not saying you should forever go to bed early, but you should definitely invest in a more efficient lifestyle and get better quality sleep. Go on, try it out.







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