Who Do You Admire?

Who Do You Admire?

Admiration is described as a human emotion elicited by people of competency, talent, or skill exceeding common standards – knowing this, who do you admire?

Which leader has inspired you most in the past? Who would you willingly follow?

The answer my be simple for some people, they look at great military or political leaders; others turn to captains of industry or well-known entrepreneurs, other to well known athletes, but the thing is that they don’t have to be famous, though, just inspirational.

Think about people you’ve encountered in your own life – an inspiring teacher when you were in high school, someone you’ve worked for, or maybe someone you know personally like a neighbor or member of your family.

What made YOU want to follow them?

Great leaders INSPIRE others to follow them. They don’t have to order people around. Their followers willingly do their bidding and have confidence and trust in them.

My first boss is the management example I liked to follow. He was always willing to explain, always willing to let people to have ownership of their tasks. He didn’t suffer fools gladly, but was quick to warn you if you were being foolish. He had confidence in me, and I was always willing to go the extra mile because I didn’t want to let him down.


Those higher up the ladder recognized this and, consequently, he got promoted to another part of the company.

His successor was the complete opposite. A total SOB who micromanaged everybody and went out of his way to find fault in everything. NOTHING was ever good enough for this guy. He’d stand at his office door and shout orders, and would generally get everyone’s backs up. Everything I did for him was wrong. Eventually, I got fed up and found another job – as did lots of other people.

In my working life since, I’ve always tried to be like my first boss and not like my second.

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  1. Excellent question! Here’s why….our influences come from those and that which we give our affection. Some of us seek to replicated ourselves to our idols, in some way. Others of us may simply respect the morals of the individual. Whatever the reason, havjng that admiration encourages us to be better. It means we have goals for ourselves and are working towards them.
    My thoughts anyway. I personally admire Princess Diana.

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