What Really Matters in Life?


When you think about your life, do you think about what you don’t have? Or, do you think about all the things you have?

If you always think about what you do not have, do you find time to be grateful for what you have ?

In my conversation with people who seek my help, I always ask them “ What are you focusing on ?”, and more then often I get the feeling that they are a bit upset about the past, or worrying to much about future.

The simple truth is that we live only in present, so I say to them “let’s make each moment count! “. 

Once you understand this, and you break your negative beliefs, it is the moment to decide your goal and take action towards it. What will happen next is that you will immediately start to feel more alive, grateful, courageous, hopeful and genuinely more happier.

I would love to give you a magic formula for happiness, but I must tell you the truth. And the simple truth my friend, is that your success and happiness relies on the value you create for yourself and for others.

Nobody can decide for another human being what’s the thing that will make that person immensely happy or successful.

You get to decide for yourself!  But understand this, you enhance your life by understanding what matters the most for you and act accordingly with your core beliefs.

Below I’ve put down, in no particular order, different attitudes and actions that years of research on “What you need to be happy ?” have narrowed down to this:

  • have a positive attitude about life and future.
  • do sports at least once a week, often on a daily basis.
  • enjoy every moment and enjoys the simple pleasures of life.
  • pursue your goals and aspirations with perseverance.
  • have the power and the ability to cope with the difficulties tragedies and adversities.
  • have a full, socially active life and spend time engaging in the life of friends and family.

Did you decide?! Do you know what you have to do next?


  1. So I’m the party pooper here – what happens when the one thing that matters to you is the one thing you don’t have and can’t have. Nothing else in life means anything other than this one thing and there is no way to get it. Then what? Thats where I’m stuck.

    1. I don’t know what’s your desire so I can’t offer you a proper answer. However you are not stuck. First you should understand and question your motivation. Why do you want that “ thing” ? Answering you will know your next step.

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