What do You Want In Life?

The 1990’s band “The Spice Girls” had a very irritating song that started: “Tel me what you want/ What you really, really want!”. They’ve got the video on YouTube, but I warn you it’s a real “earworm”.

The thing is though…

In order to transform your life for the better, you’ve got to know WHAT YOU REALLY WANT, and sometimes people have a problem identifying this.

In life things are rarely cut and dried, and solutions and problems sometimes aren’t that obvious.

The main problem isn’t being overweight. The problem is not making enough money. Because you’re not making enough money you can’t move to a better neighborhood and make your spouse happy – which is what you REALLY want.

The first step is to identify your main problem and the ideal solution. There may be more than one problem, but just concentrate on one at a time. Then make a plan – but do it with a twist: Start at the solution and work back to now. That way you KNOW you’ll succeed, AND you can build in a Plan B that still gets you what you want if the more direct route doesn’t work out.

The corect approach would be to find out what neighborhood your spouse would be happy living in, figure out how much it would cost to live there, work out how much you would need to earn in order to afford it.

Next is to decide whether you’d be better off asking for a raise, finding out why you’re being passed over for promotion, getting more qualifications or another job altogether, or starting your own enterprise if you feel the corporate world is holding you back.

THEN you can draw up another plan (diet and exercise) to lose the weight. This will be all the easier because you won’t be comfort eating and piling on the pounds.

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  1. That song was highly irritating!!!! Haha! Takes me back! Agree with this. Identify the end results then determine the micro goals to get u there. I want to blog full time. Struggling as the micro steps do not seem to be moving me forward much, six months in. You hear of success stories with blogging and just not there yet for me…not getting a penny six months in…but persistence is key/ eye on the prize !!!

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