Psychology: The Magic Of Evolving

The Magic Of Evolving

Did you ever find yourself stuck in a relationship, working on something you didn’t love, or even stuck in a place witch kills your creativity or maybe, focusing on problems with no resolution, instead of taking steps towards a better you ?

Why is that? Is something or somebody obliging you to do so?! Or, is your mind telling you the same old story: “ I can’t… It’s someone else’s fault for what’s happening to me… Only people with money or school have opportunities and the chance to succeed in life… I’m not good enough to… If I do that, people will judge me and I will not be able to come back… and so on.

The funny thing is that we are so creative to invent reasons for not doing whatever we always desire ( I often wonder, what would really happen if we put just half of the energy in actually doing it – The Big Dream – instead of coming up with reasons why we shouldn’t do it).

Maybe by now, you are wondering why I’m telling you this, because I believe that at some level the story of one person is the story of all of us. Yes, we’re all too different to get stuck on the same problems, so we have different struggles, different pains, different paths but no doubt, we are on a quest to evolve, all af us, no exception!

Some of us, will get lost in the process, some of us will find the true meaning and the call earlier, and some of us later in life , all that maters is never stop adding value to yourself and others.

And that’s my purpose here, to help you add more value to yourself ! And for me it feels right, to help you and get you to help others as well, more than you’re already doing now.

I want to inspire you to go that extra mile, do that extra push-up, earn that extra dollar, get that extra “thank you”. That’s my big dream!

And now, the time has come to ask you “ What’s your big dream?”


  1. Feeling the power behind the softness of the words and the what stands in between the subtle usage of words, you have such a vast domain from which you can take use of, you are right there, you will evolve and all of us who are reading this are doing this.

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