Law Of Attraction: Whatever you believe in, will become your reality

Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction : “Whatever you believe in, will become your reality.” 

You always act according to your deepest beliefs, whether they are true or not. And all your beliefs have been taught. At some point in time, you did not have them.

Your beliefs determine your reality and your present, and day by day, will become your future. If you desire a change, do not believe what you see; rather see what you want to believe in and to become your life .

You can have beliefs to improve your life and make you happy and optimistic, or have some negative about yourself and your potential, which can act as a hindrance to realizing what you can really do.

The most damaging beliefs you can have are the self-limiting beliefs. These are beliefs about yourself and your potential, which pull you down.

Most are not true, but the result of the information you have accepted without questioning, often from early childhood.

Even if it’s completely untrue, if you think limited to aspects such as getting an excellent health, happiness, and earning important incomes, this belief will become your truth. As Richard Bach in his book Illusions (Illusions) said, “Demonstrate your limits and you will definitely become limited.”

  • You are a living magnet

The Law of Attraction states that you are a “living magnet” and invariably attract people, ideas, opportunities and circumstances into harmony with your dominant thoughts.

When you have positive, optimistic thoughts, full of love and success, you create a powerful magnetic field that draws exactly the things you think, like a magnet iron particles. This law explains why you do not have to worry about where the good things will come to you.

If you’ll be able to keep your mind focused on what you want and you will not help to think about what you do not, you will attract everything that you need to achieve your goals, just when you’re ready.

Change your way of thinking and transform your life!

  •  The only real measure

Bertrand Russell, the English philosopher, once said: “The best proof that one thing can be accomplished is that others have already done it.”

Every seed you plant in the ground, nature will help it grow.

Any seed of thoughts you will plant in mind, nature will help them grow as well. It’s all up to you !



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