Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga for Stress Relief

Did you ever consider to use breathing exercises, yoga poses, and meditation to calm your body and mind? Did you know that an estimated 80 to 90 percent of visits to the doctor are stress-related ?! And that only less than…

Impostor Syndrome

10 Excuses Why People Don’t Start Therapy. What’s Yours?

It’s common to feel unsure about starting therapy. People often have worries about what the process will be like, some of which are connected to societal myths. The following is an effort to clarify some of the ideas about therapy that often…

Reasons To Feel Confident About Quitting

7 Reasons To Feel Confident About Quitting

Perseverance, especially during hard times, is praised so highly and so often that sometimes we forget there’s another option. And we forget how to not feel like a failure when we give up. The slogans are seemingly infinite: You only…