mental health professionls

Mental Health Professionals

  Mental Health Professionals — Be Inspired..!!

Athletes Mental Health

Supporting Our Athletes Mental Health

Mental health is an important and often overlooked dimension of overall young athlete health and optimal functioning. Mental health exists on a continuum, with resilience and thriving on one end of the spectrum and mental health disorders that disrupt a…

Sport Psychologist Job

Sport Psychologist Job

A psychologist is a person who has completed the needed academics and training in one of the many psychology subfields (clinical, experimental, counseling, social, community, developmental, industrial/organizational, quantitative/statistics, etc.). The most common idea about a psychologist is of a person specializated…

Relationship Have With My Client

Psychology: The Relationship I Have With My Client

I was sitting with a client a while ago. We were at the beginning of the session, a time that is sometimes less focused and more "social" than the rest of the session, a time when we're figuring out what…