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Greta Thunberg’s Climate Activism from a Psychological Point of View

For any activist hoping to change the world, their audience must first accept that change is necessary, and also feel motivated and empowered to achieve that change. Psychology is of course key to all this, and numerous studies are being done in this area.

Tips to Change Your Mood

Tips to Change Your Mood Right Now

Change, as you know, can take time. It takes practice to un-learn things, to relearn things, to work at finding the path and staying on it until the changes come. The journey can be a long one. Sometimes, though, you…

Sport And Sex Life

Sport And Sex Life

Flowers, chocolate and romantic weekends! I know even a better answer to your quest of having the best sex life. Can you believe that having a workout session about three times a week, can be exactly what you need to improve…

Sport Enhance Your Academics

Sport Enhance Your Academics

The studies made on athletic and non/athletic people, have consistently demonstrated that physically active people remain healthier and are able to perform better on tests of cerebral or intellectual ability. Some studies even indicate that the results are sharp and…


Psychology: Trapped

When people come to therapy, they're often consumed by an almost-visible string of old injuries - a hypercritical parent, a missed opportunity, a horrible breakup. And, when I point out to them that they've got some past pain stuck on…