Attention Deficit Disorder Test

ADHD/Attention Deficit Disorder Test

Do you often find yourself unable to concentrate even when the task at hand is extremely important? Do you find yourself daydreaming at inappropriate moments? Is your work, your home life, your relationship or any other area suffering as a…

Sport Performance and Mental Preparation

Sport Performance and Mental Preparation

The Most Important Key Questions and Answers on Mental Preparation in Sport Performance  What unique challenges present the athlete of endurance or multi-sport events? In the case of single endurance events, such as marathoning, the unique challenge is keep the…

Sport Coach And Mental Training

Sport Coach And The Mental Training

Let me start this article with a few observations about sport coaching and mental training. First, I believe that great sport coaches are also great intuitive psychologists. They may not have the fancy degrees, but through experience and self-education (and sometimes…