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How To Do Street Workout

How To Do Street Workout

As we passed the lockdown as of May 15th, we are of course looking forward to once again do sport around our home and not only in our living room.

Crowds are to be avoided still, so we will have to adapt and use what comes in hand: starting with urban furniture such as benches, then moving to stairs, sidewalks, tree trunks, we can at least try to make the best of it all.

Unlike a session in the gym, where we are used to make the same effort, street workout makes room to a whole bunch of new moves, to experiencing”, state sports coachesfrom the Paris gym center ZONE S. Here are several exercises to perform in the order you choose.

The training begins with rifts walked to work out thighs and buttocks. “Keep your back straight; take a step forward with your right leg, by hitting the ground first with your heel. Bend the right leg, the left knee goes down to the floor (maintain a 90° angle in between the ankles /knees and the pelvis and thighs) and go back up. Change feet while continuing to move forward, explains the sports coach. Repeat the exercise for 20 to 30 seconds, and perform four sets, with 5 to 10 seconds of rest between each.

Knees climbing. “Take support by putting your right foot on stairs or on a bench and at the same time mount your left knee in front of you, then do the same with your other knee.” Perform the exercise for 20 to 30 seconds, and make four sets, with 5 to 10 seconds of rest between each.

For the last exercise, “place yourself opposite to the bench, looking at it, hands on the sitting part, place yourself on a plank and hold for 30 seconds to strengthen your abs. Beginners: the more your hands are wide open, the easier the exercise will be. Repeatthe exercise four times.

Define a perimeter of twenty meters by taking twenty steps and delimit the area. “To start with, run at a moderate pace until you reach your goal and return to the starting point of the route by jogging in reverse.” Do this four times to tone the upper zone of your thigh.

Continue with “star jumps”. “Standing, hands against thighs, legs tight. Jump by widening your legs and by raising your arms sideways up to the level of your head. Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds, 4 times, with breaks of 10 seconds between each series,” advises the sports coach. This will work, among others, the calves, thighs and the abdominal belt.

Last exercise: to be performed with a bench. “Turn your back on the bench, place your hands on the edge of it as if you wanted to sit down, your buttocks are in air and the legs are slightly bent.” Bend your arms and lower yourself, your buttocks approaching the bench, then stretch your arms to raise it. Repeat the exercise for 15 times.” This exercise will work your triceps. “The more stretched the legs and the further from the bench, the more difficult the exercise will be,” says the coach.

To perform this exercise you’ll need a staircase. “Climb the maximum number of stairs in 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, and then start again. Do 4 sets.” If you don’t have enough stairs, go back and forth.

Finish with gaining muscles, exercise to be carried out on the grass with a carpet ideally or on the ground with a jacket as support. “With your forearms on the ground, flat on your stomach, resting on your elbows without digging your back, hold this position for 30 seconds. Perform the exercise four times, resting for 10 seconds between each session.” This exercise tones up the abdominal belt, by activating the deep and transverse muscles.

This workout (or part of it) will take you, considering our level, a sports session between 25 and 40 minutes. For visible results, coaches advise three workouts a week, without any strict diet but not overeating either and while keeping hands off on fats and sugars.

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