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Sport And Sex Life

Sport And Sex Life

Flowers, chocolate and romantic weekends! I know even a better answer to your quest of having the best sex life. Can you believe that having a workout session about three times a week, can be exactly what you need to improve your sex life?

Research results, reviled that exercising more often our muscular strength and level of toning, strength, body composition and cardiovascular functions, increase exponential and also our sexual drive and function.

Most often, people do not do sports for a health body and vitality, but for a more attractive physique. But beyond this reason, it is vital to look at sport like a necessity and to make it a priority in our lives. And if the above arguments do not convince you to get up from the couch and use your body as intended to be used, find out next, that sports presents extraordinary benefits for sex life, for both, women and men alike.

If after an aerobic session women’s libido is experiencing a significant increase, according to new studies, men’s sports can prevent some common problems that normally without sport a man would meet after a certain age.


The link between sexual life and sport.

Frequently performed exercises significantly decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction, as circulation is improved and thus increases blood supply to the sexual organ. According to a study by Harvard, researchers and quoted by (on a sample of 31,000 male individuals), men with an active lifestyle present a 50% lower risk of impotence than those sedentary.

And you don’t have to be a performance sportsman to enjoy these benefits: even moderate exercise such as walking or light jogging, reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction, and if you already suffer from it, the situation is improved if you include sports in your everyday life.

And the benefits do not stop here: sports, whether it’s running, gym or football, helps prevent (50% risk reduction) and relieves symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, a condition characterized by volume increase of the prostate, which determines not just the need to urinate frequently, but also the decrease in libido.

As for the chances of becoming a father, you should know that they are much higher if you move 15 hours / week, according to a study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine, which associates sport with increased sperm quality.

There are a few aspects related to the relationship between sport and sex life: Exercise reduces stress and increases confidence in one’s own strengths, helping us to deliver higher returns in the bedroom, increase physical strength and flexibility, and prevent cramps and muscular pain experienced by some men after sex.

Think about it. Do you notice differences in sexual life when you where physically active over periods of sedation?

Not to mention the effect of a desirable men body for a beautiful lady that you want to make a connection with … so, are you ready to start your training program? Are you ready to transform your love life ?!

Are you ready?!







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  1. So spot on! When I am too sedentary, I don’t feel as confident, my body doesn’t feel strong or tight, and my entire body image drops, not to mention my sense of well-being and wellness that comes from running. This in turn causes my libido to drop drastically…then of course, it becomes a vicious cycle! The less sex I have (even with myself)
    , the less sexy I feel, the less I take care of myself, the more my libido drops, then the less sex I have…..and so on….and so on…lol. Thanks for posting:)

    • My advice is to start doing some sport ( not to much at the beginning, we don’t want to start another vicious circle, being to tired for anything), in time your level of energy will grow substantial, your body and mind will change and your desire for everything else will increase, that’s a promise! 😌

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