Put an End to The Psychic Vampire Attack

Put an End to The Psychic Vampire Attack

We usually call energetic vampires those people who – sometimes intentionally – drain your emotional energy. They have profiles that monopolize us with their negative emotions, to the point where they discharge our energy leaving us exhausted, with headaches and wrapped in the gray veil of discouragement.

Any expert in this regard will tell you that in addition to the fact that these people can steal our positive energy, they can share their own emotional state, which is often a negative one.

There is a time when one must be aware of one’s own needs in order to prevent others from parasitizing one’s life and peace of mind.

As it is not always possible to surround ourselves only people that bring balance and happiness, and sometimes appear who bring negativity and strife, we must learn how to get around – all this with respect and maturity, but with firmness necessary for its own sake .

Dealing with emotional vampires or energy-stealing profiles is not really comfortable and especially getting rid of them easily, although the easiest thing would be to go far or keep a safe distance from those who vampirize you.

However, it is little more than an underestimation, because if there is one thing we all know is that few can leave their jobs just because you can find such profiles there. Or no one can truly distance themselves from a mother or brother who takes away our good mood, happiness and energy every time we meet them.

According to scientific studies published in “Emotional Contagion, Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction”, the best thing in these cases is to learn to be “impervious” to this type of interaction to protect your well-being, physical and emotional.

Next, find out what you need to do to maintain a good energy level and how to stop the attack with vampire energy.


Best 3 ways to conserve your energy level

  1. You have defense mechanisms to control it. One very effective way in which to train ourselves against it is by “deactivating” the impact energy vampires may have on us. Do not hesitate, for example, to repeat to yourself as a mantra: “they will consume my energy as much as I allow it to.” 
  2. Streamline. There are people who have the insistent habit of speaking only about negative things, about how badly life treats them. One way to stop them is to assertively interrupt: “instead of complaining, react against everything you don’t like”, “I wish that at least for once, you could talk about positive stuff”. 
  3. Learn to say “no”. This strategy is as simple as it is effective. From now on, tell your emotional vampires “that you don’t have time to listen to their criticism, that you refuse to take part at rumors or gossips and that you refuse to be mistreated in any possible way”.


  1. Andrea, what a great piece – lots of pearls of wisdom there. My father used to take a little bit of a different line with his incomparable advice of: “Spend time with those who enrich you, and do as little dealing as possible with d#@kheads”. BMc

  2. Thanks for this. This is much better advice than simply saying avoid negative people which I never liked because you can’t always avoid them. I believing that building emotional resilience by learning to be comfortable around negative people is much more important. I often think our expectations of the other person are part of the problem. Don’t expect them to be nice. Instead expect and believe in yourself to rise above it. Thanks again

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