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Principles of Mental Toughness

Principles of Mental Toughness

People aren’t born tough. People are made tough. Mentally tough people acquire the perspectives and develop the skills to triumph over the crushing demands life can throw at us–in business, sport or life in general.

These are the individuals who remain confident, in control, determined, and focused under most intense pressure.

To understand even better, you have to know how mental toughness works and the most important principles:

  1. Mental toughness can only be taught by someone who is mentally tough.
  2. Most people can learn to be mentally tough; the Marines do it every day.
  3. Mental toughness starts with physical toughness. This means the one must have the ability to endure very tough physical drills that are painful by controlling their pain with their mind. This is something that only humans seem to be able to do.
  4.  Being mentally tough requires knowing yourself and especially knowing your own weaknesses, fears, misgivings, self doubts etc and being able to control them under pressure.
  5.  Mental toughness requires being able to endure physical and mental pain and continue to perform at a high level.
  6. Mental toughness requires being able to perform at a high level in the face of fear by controlling your emotions with your mind.
  7.  Mental toughness requires that you be able to make your own decisions without regard to the opinions of others; you must be self sufficient under duress.
  8. Mental toughness requires that you put friendship aside and objectively defeat a friend.
  9. Mental toughness requires that you must be able to continue to fight hard when exhausted, discouraged or facing a vastly superior opponent.
  10.  Mental toughness requires that you never show fear in the face of a superior opponent; that no opponent can intimidate you.
  11.  Mental toughness requires that you will attack a superior opponent when possible; that you will defeat a friend without hesitation.
  12. Mental toughness requires that you never be affected by the opponent’s disadvantages, particularly physical limitations or appearance.
  13. Mental toughness requires that you be willing to defeat every opponent as badly as possible without any

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