Physical Activity Reduce Depressive Symptom

Positive thinking, mental programming-suggestions and autosuggestion, helps you to achieve your best performance

Autosuggestions, statements and internal or external talk with specific positive content, can evoke and maintain optimal combat state.

This specific psychology techniques can be used to overcome emotional and mental blockages, through positive mental training.

The main thing that assures their reception is the degree of individualization and suitability to needs. Good formulation and plausibility will allow them to anchor consistent expectations and positive representations with an effect on behavior and mental states.

The mental programming makes the effort by imagining a positive course of events to increase the athlete’s confidence in his ability to perform, self-efficacy and prepare for the confrontational moments of the competition.

In mental programming techniques, anchoring in the most productive mental states is achieved the by most desired performance.

The best solution for negative anticipatory thoughts is to stop the negative thought. I always explain my clients the mechanism of having bad thoughts and how to combat them.

For example; if my client repeats (to himself, in his mind or even with loud voice) that he will be defeated, when he has a fight with a certain opponent, or if for various reasons the game is interrupted, or even that he can’t perform at his higher standards, by a certain technique, it is NECESSITY to interrupt the flow of thoughts.
The stop is done by self-commanding “STOP” (steered on a firm tone). Next thing he has to do, is to focus on something pleasant. So the procedure is: Negative Thinking – STOP – Relaxation – Pleasant Thoughts.

Another approach to get rid of anxiety, by eliminating muscle overload with modern relaxation techniques, like Autogenic Training. This technique is based on desensitization-relaxation and was developed by the German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz.

In sport, both Schultz’s training method and Jacobson’s progressive relaxation method, works wonderfully and both technique involves learning alternative exercises for relaxation and muscle strain. With other words you will be more aware of the tension and also of how relaxation progresses as well as the internal tension.

This awareness, will make you acquire some relaxation and will calm down his neurovegetative system ( blood pressure decreases, as well as the beating heart), replacing the state of anxiety with a inner silence.

Other techniques and methods like conversation, storytelling, awareness, imagination, focusing attention, progressive relaxation, autosuggestion and autogenic training, help the athlete to develop a series of psychic abilities.

Specific abilities like body awareness, anxiety control, positive thinking, self-confidence and mental strength, are for sure the ones that makes all the difference in achieving performance.





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  1. Great post and great suggestions. I loved your post –
    The law of attraction too. Actually, I was planning to write on this topic. Now I prefer to share your post on my blog. Keep writing good stuff.

  2. Thank you so much for this. I have recently had a retriever of ptsd and whilst I had sussed out why I had forgotten the stop method. Thank you for this reminder

  3. Very impressive post. i also believe in positive thinking, mental programming-suggestion and autosuggestion. i believe chanting mantras are also a type of auto suggestion. i wish to reblog this post. hope you wouldn’t mind.

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