Past Life Regression, Time Travel And Karma Therapy

Past Life Regression, Time Travel And Karma Therapy

Does your past life hold the key to your future? Past life regression or Karma therapy, as therapists call it, is supposed to take you on a journey through past lives to resolve current difficulties. Some say they see a film unfold before their eyes. Others use their olfactory senses, more than their visual ones.

Consciousness remains lucid, it floats in an intermediate state between awakening and dreaming, close to the moment when we fall asleep. The mind wanders freely through emotions, sensations and mental images. “We are not suddenly transported elsewhere, to another era,” human energy practitioners argue. It’s like a script that is being written over time. In fact, we observe as a tourist, as a time traveler. Hence the need for a good guide. But after having experienced it several times, you can do it alone, at home, with relaxing music to put yourself in a state of self-hypnosis. 

What if the key to our present hardships was in our past existences? It is the disturbing hypothesis of “karmatherapy”which is winning over more and more patients and shrinks. 

Time traveling

To believe in it is both intoxicating and poetic

The idea of past lives relived in a therapist’s office or living room is quite confusing. Reason tells us it is impossible. But the dreamer in us whispers “What if this is true?”. “Believing in it is intoxicating and poetic, it’s a way of living eternity,” explain karmatherapy practitioners. “Instead of breaking down symptoms from family history, I encountered centuries-old ‘curses’ and it made me feel good. I saw myself different, transformed, that’s what made me realize that I could change. It is also a comfort to imagine that, from life to life, we will meet the beings we love,” another practitioner states.

The method is being used by hypnotherapists or energetic therapists who immerse their patients in a state of deep relaxation or invite them to meditate to allow them to find a less conflictual link with their body or their emotions. Many of them have discovered the virtues of space-time regression by chance.


Many of its precursors relied on the method of “lying” which consists in digging into the deepest layers of the “subconscious”, which would still be impregnated with the remains of our previous lives, the memories of our past lives being recorded in our cells, in a kind of “cellular memory”. Some other clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists, use regressions based on the Jungian idea of the collective unconscious. For Jung, in fact, the unconscious shelters the remnants of mankind’s most distant past and his ancestral beliefs. In fact, many hypnosis-trained therapists practice these regressions without daring to proclaim it for fear of being taken for charlatans.

For classical psychoanalysis, these regressions under hypnosis are staging of oneself whose function is to provide meaning by an escape from everyday life.

“These are psychic constructions that make it possible to invent liberating ends,” argue psychotherapists. They offer another stage, a space for transformation. “Freud, in his early days, used hypnosis. Before giving it up because the symptoms quickly returned to his patients. Yet some experiences are disturbing.”

Past life regression therapy 

This therapy is used by some physicians in cases with some mental diseases. Anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and gender dysphoria have all been treated using life regression therapy by some doctors on the assumption that they reflect problems in past lives. Although it is not supported by psychiatric associations, few medical associations have actually condemned it as unethical.

Past-life regression therapy 

It is a form of deep hypnosis that seduces your brain into a trance like state, to prompt you to recall memories buried deep in your subconscious. The technique used during past-life regression involves the subject answering a series of questions while hypnotized to reveal identity and events of alleged past lives, a method similar to that used in recovered memory therapy and one that, similarly, often misrepresents memory as a faithful recording of previous events rather than a constructed set of recollections

Reincarnation beliefs have ancient origins: in Ancient Greece, Pre-Socratic philosophers speculated about the soul travelling from one body upon death to another newly born. Most people do not remember their previous lives though. 

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