We’re building a movement of awakened people, who understand the importance of education, sport and mental health. Meet the team – our fabulous staff, board of directors and advisory group.








I’m Oprea M. Ramona, Sport Psychologist, Founder and CEO of Human Performance Psychology 

Passionate about neuroscience, sports psychology, technology and robotics, but also architecture and design, how the world works, enthusiastic about new chalenges, exhilarated in mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling, for every one how desire to have a more effective, balanced and fulfilling life.

  • Diploma of Participation at the National Symposium of Sports Psychology and Movement Therapy, organized in Bucharest on 19 January 2019 by the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest and the National University of Physical Education and Sports;
  • Workshop: Psychodrama in approaching groups (athletes);
  • Workshop: Mental Imaging in Sport
  • Workshop: Improving Social Innovation Competencies of Sports Professionals through Increasing Quality of VET
  • National University of Physical Education and Sport- Continuing training “READY TO BE PUBLISHED” by Prof. dr. Xavier Sanchez




I’m Alexandra Zahiu, NLP Coach 

Passionate about the evolution of human consciousness, quantum physics, personal development, spiraling upward on an infinite journey of ascension towards our Soul’s highest expression of being, Neuro Linguistic Programming (identifying and solving cause), Psychology and Economy (asset management and financial analysis, eliminating human blockage as a “circulating asset”)

  •  Visualisation and manifestation process step-by-step support and guidance;
  • Quantum healing and Hypnosis;
  • Timeline therapy, NLP& Life Coaching;
  • Business & Entrepreneurship Counselling



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