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Life Coach Qualities

Life Coach Qualities

As a life coach, you help your clients to identify their goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them.

With your professional training, your experiences, your objectivity, and insights as a coach, and your enthusiastic support, you can help entrepreneurs, professionals, athletes, students, and obese people (and just about everybody) reach their full potential and achieve the desired results.

Life coaching is an excellent career choice for people who have the urge to help others improve their lives and ease the process of them undergoing major transitions in their lives. As a life coach, you may help people and families relocating to a new city or state, who have lost their loved ones or went through other kinds of traumatic experiences, professionals seeking career changes, or private firms that employ lifestyle consultants or counselors to provide guidance to their employees.

It’s a career full of positivity and good work.


What Qualities Make You a Great Life Coach?

One may specialize in different aspects of life coaching. Christian Mickelson is a Business Coach for ‘Coaches’ while Susan James helps people clear limiting beliefs and reach their potential. Esther Hicks and Bob Doyle advocate Law of Attraction to achieve all good things in life while the Zen Coach Cheri Huber recommends meditation.

Whatever aspect of life you want to specialize in, if you have the qualities listed below, becoming a life coach is just the matter of completing an accredited life coach training program.


Being a Visionary

Great coaches are also great visionaries. They are good at the lateral vision which helps them to assess the immediate circumstances and challenges of a client and identify the problem areas they need to work on. The capacity to envision the future helps the coaches to see what the clients to achieve in the future and break them down in simpler and smaller steps to overcome.


The Desire for Life-Long Learning

A great coach is one who never gets tired of learning new strategies or ways to improve their coaching style or format. They are life-long learners. They love to read books, attend training programs, and complete new courses that can help them develop and upgrade their methodologies.

Besides, a good coach never shies away from learning from their clients or other coaches. They are humble enough to admit their mistakes and make things right.

Goal Setting

You can aim for the sky but your journey to it needs to comprise one step at a time. It means that you need to be able to formulate and set smaller goals that reach towards one big goal. These smaller goals also help you track the progress of your client, and tweak your action plan if the need be.

While setting goals with your client, you get to encourage your client to reflect upon what makes them happy and what he or she considers a success. These goals can be related to what kind of home or family they want, what career excites them, what are their financial goals, how they can feel fulfilled spiritually, how they can improve their fitness levels etc.


Communication Skills

You not only need great communication skills for life coaching but you also need enough mastery over it to help your clients nurture their communication skill. Understanding others and get through to others is a critical skill to achieve results in all your endeavors.

As a life coach, you will need to be a good and active listener and also capture the subtle insights into their personality based on their facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. If you already possess good communication skills, you will find it easier to start your own life coaching business.


Elena Aguilar, a famous life coach, accepts that compassion is her secret coaching weapon. It is important to treat your clients with kindness, empathy, and respect and make them believe that the skills and techniques they need to succeed can be learned.

Many times, it is also vital for you as a life coach to practice self-compassion and forgive yourself for past mistakes. In this case, you need to acknowledge that you did what you know best in that particular situation and show gratitude for recognizing your weak points and getting over them.


Creativity allows you to think ‘outside of the box’ and find different ways to solve a problem. As a life coach, being creative and innovative allows you to develop your own unique style to advertise yourself, and keep your clients interested and engaged.

Creative coaching is also a burgeoning form of life coaching where you can help clients develop their creative skills. Creative coaching is quite popular with artists, new innovative startups, and people who want to turn their hobby or talent into a business.

People Skills

People skills are not just about having strong communication skills or know how and when to show compassion and empathy. They include the ability to relate to others and understanding their viewpoints, having patience with your clients and the ability to trust them, being trustworthy yourself, and having a genuine interest in your clients’ wellbeing.

As a life coach, it is important for you to remember the names of your clients, important events in their lives, and important dates in their lives. You also need to be flexible in what you believe in and your communication styles to be ‘likable’. You need to be able to shift gears depending on the context.


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