Is Success Based on Failure?

Is Success Based on Failure?

Is it OK to fail? Most people believe that failure is something to be embarrassed about, and even a subject that needs to be avoided, in order to show others only the “good side”. On contrary, my believes are that if we own our failures, our struggles, and our mistakes and also learn from them, that asides is progres, and gives you the keys to your success!

Your metamorphosis is happening every day without even you notice. Brain paths are made and developed the same way water is shaping the rock and makes rivers stronger day by day. It takes a while to leave a mark. But once you start, the fun don’t stop. All you need to do is make sure you’re investing in the stuff that’s actually of interest to you. If you don’t, you’re setting up your course for a dangerous path, full with failures that are not even interesting or meant to make you more engaged in your mission .
So, I’m telling you to have an skeptic eye for things that are repetitive. Patterns are like candy for the brain. Doing things in the same way feels good and safe, and we all know that humans are habitual creatures. But most patterns will not yield progress. And the ones that do are pretty hard to form. Like morning jogging or squats. Pretty hard to do it but an amazing habbit once is formed -you should try it!

Try again. Fail again. Fail better”, I’m pretty sure that Beckett’s message was a bit darker than ‘’Just do your best and everything will follow”. But for sure you can’t fail if you’re not even trying. And if you are wrong, at least now you know, that is not the path to succeed in your mission, whatever that may be.

No one is born perfect and through mistakes and failures you become more wise and even more happy. Because you know, you did your best; mind, body and spirit!


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