Human Performance Psychology



Human Performance Psychology goal is to engage everyone in sport and to offer an understanding and the opportunity to develop mental and physical health.

We felt strong about empowering athletes, coaches, through psychological skill development and consultation to increase the potential of high performance environment.

Our mission is to offer you the opportunity to improve native skills in various fields.


Enhance Performance


  • Develop an athlete’s preparedness for the podium  through education and training
  • Promote systematic self-regulation of constructive thinking, energy, emotion, and attention
  • Create a productive team environment
  • Grow leadership and communication skills

Restore Performance


  • Foster recovery from injury, performance slumps, and training stress
  • Cultivate psychological resilience and coping skills
  • Manage interpersonal conflict

Promote Mental Health


  • Screen, manage, and coordinate support
  • Encourage healthy life balance
  • Facilitate sport/career transitions


         With our help, you will discover new abilities, strength, willpower and passions, that will develop the perfect mindset for a lifetime more balanced and integrated in the community, with satisfaction on both sides.