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How to Treat Emotional Addiction With Hypnosis

How to Treat Emotional Addiction With Hypnosis

It is very likely for everyone to be treated of affective addition with the aid of hypnosis, specialists discovered not so long ago.

Emotional addiction is a form of addiction to be taken seriously as it’s no fun for the one suffering from it, especially when in a relationship. Emotional dependence is the irrational fear of losing the love of another.

What is the affective addiction

It is about loving someone, more than reason would allow you to. An emotional addict tends not to live for anyone anymore, but for the attention of other. His major fear is to find himself alone, abandoned. He lives in constant fear of being rejected, of being abandoned. The emotional dependent individual seeks recognition from the other at all costs and this is often because he does not always succeed in loving himself. This is how the logic according to which the emotional addict would like his personal needs to be satisfied through the love that people around him can have for him takes hold. Once this loop has been set in motion, the individual will be obsessed with understanding the needs of others in order to respond to them at any cost and to feel loved and recognized. 

Signs of affective dependence 

Emotional dependence can manifest itself in many different ways. Here are some characteristics common to individuals suffering from this addiction: 

  • Inability to prevent themselves from seeing someone while realizing that it is destructive 
  • ​Having a hard time saying no 
  • ​Compromising financial stability or reputation to preserve a relationship 
  • Feeling of hopelessness or unease when the loved ones are not nearby 
  • The use of any necessary means to attract or maintain a relationship 
  • Inability to set appropriate limits 
  • Difficulty concentrating on other areas of life as thoughts are centered on the relationship 
  • Accepting sexual practices that go against their values to keep their partner 
  • Feeling that life would have no meaning without a romantic relationship 
  • Changing their activities, hobbies, interests or needs and beliefs in accordance with their partner 
  • Feeling miserable or worthless without their partner

Causes of Emotional Addiction

The causes of such addiction are complex and usually rooted in youth experiences. The most influential factors that contribute to the development of emotional dependence are childhood neglect or abandonment, rejection from loved ones, or acts of physical, psychological or sexual violence. Affective addicts can lack confidence and quite often have low self-esteem. They can act desperately to maintain a relationship at all costs, at the risk of appearing clingy. The search for perfect love often serves as a coping mechanism that allows the individual to escape into something imaginary rather than tolerate a painful reality to admit. 

How to fight and treat Emotional Addiction

As we have established, emotional dependence most of the time has its roots in our past. In effect, we responded inappropriately to a particular event to protect ourselves. But now, this inappropriate response has become embedded in our brain in such a way that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to change our behavior. We often hear: “I would like to change, but I can’t, it’s stronger than me”. And what is stronger than you is precisely what is playing out in the unconscious; it is about this response that you give to the event of the past.

Hypnosis has this tremendous power to access the unconscious very easily. You will gradually relax to reach a state of deep relaxation which will have the effect of lowering the level of alertness of your unconscious mind. And this is the moment that your hypnosis practitioner will choose to offer you suggestions in order to write a new pattern, for a much more appropriate response or obsession no longer has its place. Gradually and in the days following your session, you will change without even realizing it, so things will seem natural to you. But your subconscious will know it. It is not about going from one extreme to the other and becoming totally insensitive. No. It will be about finding the right balance, the one that will allow you to flourish and especially to see your partner flourish.

The duration of hypnosis work to end an emotional dependence will vary from patient to patient, but a few sessions usually suffice to overcome this disorder.

Therapeutic hypnosis is recognized as an effective way to treat various problems, and more and more medical professionals are recommending this technique.

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