How to ignore the “Naysayers”

How to ignore the “Naysayers”


Once you know what you want (and how you’re going to get it) you’ll have more confidence, but you’ll still come across people who will want to pour cold water on your personal transformation plan.

Why do they want to do this?

There are lots of reasons. Some people might try to be “realistic” and protect you from disappointment. Others simply “don’t get it” because what you want to achieve falls so outside their own terms of reference, they simply cannot comprehend how it can be achievable. You can’t reason with these “naysayers”, so don’t even try.

Others will WANT you to fail.

That’s right. Some people, even those you thought you could rely on, will want you to fail. Why? Often times it’s because they secretly want to transform their own lives in the same way, but lack the courage to do it. They figure that if you get disheartened and give up it relieves the pressure on them to do the same thing.

Here’s how I deal with “naysayers”.

First of all, when I’m going to make a big change, I distribute information about it on a strictly “need to know” basis. If whatever I’m going to do doesn’t impact directly on someone, then they don’t need to know and won’t get the opportunity to put me off.

Secondly, if I’m going To Have to involve other people, or get someone else’s consent to do what I need to do (my bank if I need a loan for example), I make sure I have an alternative lined up so my plans won’t be derailed if things don’t go as I had expected. I NEVER put myself in a position where one individual or institution can kill off my plans by simply saying “no”.

Don’t let other people put you off of achieving what you want to achieve. It’s your life, start living it your way.

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