Home Workout Routine

Home Workout Routine

“The things that keep you safe and healthy every day are the same habits that are going to keep you healthy through this outbreak,” said Christina Chang, executive vice president and deputy CEO at Vital Strategies, a global health organization working with governments in 73 countries on pressing public health issues, including pandemics.


We all know that healthy habits like: exercise, drink water, get plenty of sleep, are good for optimizing health. But with so many options and limitless information available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything on internet. But not to worry. We’ve got your back!

We propose two different workouts that not only will help you burn calories, but during that chemical burning of the calories, you will gain electrical energy produced by the lymphatic system put into motion. That means exercising will actually help you think better and feel better.

Here’s the rundown on the first home cardio workout:

  • No Equipment
  • Warm Up & Cool Down Included
  • 45 Seconds Active 15 Seconds Rest
  • ABAB Structure



1 Side Step Jacks
2 Walkdown Backbows

3 2 Knee Pulls
4 Lunge + Rotation

5 2 Jumping Jacks + Lateral Jumps
6 Push Up + Roll

Water Break

7 4 Switchfoots + Squat
8 Plank Jacks + Lifts

9 Lunge + Bow
10 Hip Raises

11 Supine Plank Reach
12 Squat + Side Lifts



Second exercise: Plank

Remember, always do some walking, stretching and basic aerobics to warm up your muscles. Always stretch. Then try planking. Just plank for a minute or two. The effects of planking are unbelievable. In one minute your heart rate goes up. In two minutes you start to feel all the muscles in your body. After three minutes of planking you start sweating and trembling. That’s it, your three minute workout without even moving.

After you’ve mastered 3-minute-planks you can do mostly anything. Just remember: warming up and stretching are very important because they keep you away from injuries.

Don’t hesitate to join online forums on health and fitness. There are lots of such places with many beautiful and inspiring people ready to lend you a piece of advice. Team up and get up!




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