Here’s How To Achieve Success

Achieve Success in golf

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes for athletes to become successful and I’ve found some good ways to increase your chances when it comes to success. So, I’m going to share with you some key stories and the ways you can take to achieve success in your performance.

“Trying to articulate a zone is not easy because it’s such an indescribable feeling,’ noted tennis great, Chris Everett. “That moment doesn’t happen often, and when it does happen, you feel like you’re playing out of your head.” Peak performances are the magical moments when an athlete puts it all together physically and mentally. And, that performance surpasses ordinary play.

During a private match between four golfers recently and having played halfway through their match, they reached the 122-yard Par 3. Ray hit his tee shot over the flagstick and spun it back into the hole. Hole-in-one! Greg, after putting his tee shot within birdie range, turned to Jeff and said, “we need one of those to half the hole.” Jeff teed his ball at the opposite side of the tee box and sailed it over the flagstick and spun it back into the hole! To say the least that two holes-in-one came at the same hole is incredible. But the fact that it came one after the other from the same foursome on the same hole on the same day is unbelievable.

What caught my ear more than the mere incredibility of the event was Jeff’s confidence. “Funny thing. I knew I was going to make that hole-in-one.” To some, that sounds brash. To me, it was a pure demonstration of self-confidence.

To achieve success you need self-confidence

Self-confidence is the belief an athlete can successfully perform the desired behavior (Gould, 2009). Confidence or confidence in the ability to perform or deliver under pressure is crucial to successful performance. When Jeff demonstrated his self-confidence, he experienced what most researchers have noted: The challenge of the situation matched the skills of the athlete. (This was demonstrated by both Jeff and Ray.) Awareness and action merge. The goals are clear. There is a total and complete concentration. Time speeds up or slows down for them. The experience is enjoyable, and participation is its reward.

Stewert Cotterrill (2018) noted, “Mastery experiences are generally viewed to be the biggest influencing factor.” It is more than success-builds-confidence. The athlete must feel he is becoming successful and that success is due to his effort.

How can you achieve confidence?

Understand where your confidence comes from. There are many ways to become confident. Across a wide array of studies, successful athletes use psychological skillsets that attribute to success. For example, anxiety in a competition is common and can be utilized to maximize performance. Optimism is more productive than pessimism. So be optimistic. Work on your ability to visualize yourself as confident. Set realistic goals and achieve them. Achieving goals to build confidence. Finally, work on positive self-talk. The athlete needs to find what works for him and puts them into action.

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