From Outside Your Comfort Zone and Into “The Zone”

From Outside Your Comfort Zone and Into “The Zone”

Your comfort zone is an awesome thing. You’ll always do something you know and love a lot better than something new and weird and complicated.  

That’s called the Flow. But you can only flow so much until you need to learn more about the new territory you’re advancing into. This might seem a bit uneasy at times to a lot more people than you imagine. Including me, including you. The secret stands in planning and preparing. 

Ok, sure, there’s that. Doing homework. Planning something similar to what you did that one time shouldn’t be too hard. Learning about what where you’re going to go, planning what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it. You’ve done this before, it should be like a walk in the park.

 But then, there’s the other thing. How can you prepare something you know nothing about?! The path is to free your mind, become more focused, bring yourself into a proactive, calm and positive state of mind. This is what you should do. People don’t naturally do this. Just by preparing yourself for an event puts you in the right crowd. Then you can just run natural. You’ve already walked the gap.

Comfort Zone

We experience new things daily. We just don’t care about them that much to remember. And that’s… Well, that’s a filter, at least, if not something else. But even filters need to be cleaned out or replaced. I suggest you clean up your filters, review your attitude and fears and update your beliefs on a regular basis.

Apply what you learn into everything you think you know.
Compare things, judge them, change your mind a lot, make connections. That’s called learning. The actual learning. Not reading a piece of paper and remembering what’s on it, that’s merely memorizing.

Learning is updating what you already know (or you think you know) about something. We all remember a person we see enough times, a street we cross daily, a song we hear. But learning is getting to know about that person in relation with other aspects of your life, their life and somebody else’s life.

Learning is thinking how that street is linked to other streets, understanding where it starts, what it crosses, and where it ends. Learning is getting to know who’s playing that song, being able to reproduce parts of it, getting the lyrics, getting the beat. That’s learning!

So is this article is about learning or comfort zones? Yes, yes it is. Comfort = learning + fearfulness. Once you take on your fears, you’re ready to go outside your comfort zone. Ready to flow. For you can only flow into What should you do about your fear of the unknown?

Grow Out Of It 

Most of our fears have underlying causes. Fun fact: did you know that every time we think of or remember something, we actually remember the last time we thought of or remembered that? That means that for every time we feared something, we amplified or fearful state many times over. To overcome a fear you need a new perspective. You need a new take on life, on your purpose, on the importance of things, your place in the world. 

The best approach is to take on your fears when you’re not directly confronted with them. Do your homework, research your fears. Ask a friend, get a mentor, maybe call up a psychologist. Then take them down step by step.

First step I believe you done it today!



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