Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion

Simon Sinek  talks about this concept in his books and famously his TED talk on leadership. He discusses it as the ‘Golden Circle’ and explains how there are three ‘layers’ to any business:

  • What
  • How
  • Why

Most businesses work from the outside in. First, they as ‘WHAT’ it is that they’re trying to do. That might be to make protein shakes. Once they’ve done this, then they ask how they’re going to do it. Outsource manufacturing.

Then they ask ‘WHY’? Which is presumably to make money.

But turn that on its head, prioritize the ‘why’ and find something more exciting. Now you start with why you are drive to start a business. Maybe the answer is that you want to help people feel more powerful, more confident and more free. That’s when you’re happiest and you want to empower others to feel the same. This is a good start!

So the next thing you do is ask HOW you’re going to do it and what you’re going to sell. And the answer is protein shake. But maybe to really deliver on that promise, this protein shake is going to be different – free from artificial ingredients and fuelled with energizing vitamins.

But the whole attitude is different. Now this is a movement, it is a real motivation and it is something you can get excited about. This is something the entire team will feel and it’s something that can help you to build an effective marketing campaign that gets your customers inspired and builds loyalty too.

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