We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Meet the team – our fabulous staff, board of directors and advisory group!


Strugariu M. Ramona


Passionate about neuroscience, sports psychology, technology and robotics, but also architecture and design, how the world works, enthusiastic about new challenges, exhilarated in mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling, for every one how desire to have a more effective, balanced and fulfilling life. Email me:

Larisa Avrram

Social Guru

Experienced Customer service manager with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Customer Service, Self Learning, Sales, and Business Development.

Zahiu Alexandria

NPL Coach

Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (identifying and solving cause), Psychology and Economy (asset management and financial analysis). Email me:


Kevin Goddu

Kevin is a United States Golf Teaching Federation-certified golf instructor. Having earned a Ph.D., Kevin has earned his certificate in golf mental strength coaching from the International Golf Psychology Association and has written a book, Relentless Pursuit.

Adam T. ( timelite4all)

Psychotherapist – Member of The Association of Clinical Hypnosis, Relaxation and Ericksonian Therapy, Sports psychologist, combat martial arts athlete.

Mika Steinvik

Integrative Psychotherapy, certified by the Commission of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. Specialization in Couple Psychotherapy and Psychosexuality.

Andreea Marinas

Has an educational and professional background in journalism and an eye for the online media, advertising and marketing. Andreea has developed a passion for writing about people and their issues, regardless their nature, tackling all range of topics.

Ana Budeanu

Lawyer, with experience in writing, a passion for psychology and helping other succeed in life.

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  1. Performance enhancement is an important part of what we do as psychologists. Whether it is in an elite athlete or someone wishing to get better grades in school performance enhancement requires focus, visualization, and the enduring commitment to quieting the body. Thanks for your interesting posts.

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