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Emotional Integrity: The Psychology Perspective

Emotional Integrity: The Psychology Perspective

Recently I read a great article from fellow Blogger Alexandra Maria Santos entitled Men Insecurities: How Emotional Integrity Change How You Feel?

Alexandra did a great job breaking down the ways emotions interplay between Self Development and relational development.

In today’s overly divisive environment, I could not help but notice just how little emotional integrity is present. It seems to me that the more closely intertwined we become by technological advancements, the more lonely our existence cements.

Have we lost that all too human capacity to be in touch with our emotional experiences, outside of the countless array of experiences we perceive others to have had because of their social media wallpaper? Have we lost the capacity to perceive our own importance, outside of the number of likes a post gets.

Emotional Integrity is about owning your emotional experience, and developing the capacity to share it with others. I hope you enjoy the Psychology Perspective, and if you want to learn more about Alexandra Maria Santos’ blog, you can visit her at:

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  1. Hello,

    Thank you so much for sharing my content on your page, I’m glad the lines I write can help people to achieve a better perception of themselves. The more we create this conscious of self-discipline, and looking after the ones we love, the more our intimate relationships will be real and flourish.

    I wish you a wonderful weekend.


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