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Do You Work From Home And Want To Relax? Do These 5 Incredible Stretches And Relaxation Is Guaranteed

Do You Work From Home And Want To Relax? Do These 5 Incredible Stretches And Relaxation Is Guaranteed

Sports coach Lucile Woodward shares stretches to be done throughout the day to relieve the pain and tension associated with teleworking.

In the time of the second lockdown and teleworking, stretching your muscles is essential for the relief of muscular tensions accumulated during the day and to energize your body. Here are five stretches sports coach Lucile Woodward advises us to do at home during the day in order to relax your body.

The trapezoids

Home working, anxiety-provoking news. The current period is a source of stress and pain in what concerns trapezius and other affections. To stretch them, the coach advises, “to put your right arm above your head to touch your left ear with your hand. Once done, you tilt your head to the right, letting your left arm fall to your side”. The movement is to be repeated as well on the other side.

To stretch the back of the trapeze, bring your chin towards your chest.

Do this for two minutes, two to three times a day when you feel like it. “It can be difficult to practice them in the morning because we are less flexible, even if it can wake up our muscles. In the evening, after a day full of work, it can be very pleasant and help you fall asleep,” advises the professional.

The back

In front of the computer, we often end up adopting a bad position, “the upper back will arch, position itself in lordosis (forward curvature of the spine – e.n.),” explains Lucile Woodward. Not surprisingly, this can cause sharp pain all the way down the spine. 

To stretch the back, “standing, we join our two hands behind the buttocks, then we lower the shoulders as far as possible down and we push the hips forward to hollow out the back. To accentuate the movement, we move the chest towards the chin,” says the coach. To be performed for two minutes, as soon as you feel the need during the day.

Intercostal muscles

The intercostal muscles are involved when breathing and can cause pain following a wrong movement. To stretch them, “we raise both arms towards the ceiling, the right hand grabs the left hand. You then tilt your bust to the side and pull your upper body towards the ceiling,” explains the coach. To be done on each side, for two minutes, as soon as you feel the need.

The psoas, quadriceps, glutes and pyramids

The pain felt in the back “often comes from four muscles which are arranged around the pelvis and which are contracted: the psoas, the quadriceps, the glutes and the pyramids (the pyramidal muscle starts from the sacrum, crosses the buttock and ends at the level of the femur – e.n.),” indicates Lucile Woodward.

To stretch the buttocks and the pyramidal muscle, “standing, we put the left ankle on the right knee slightly bent. With the left hand, you press on your left knee”. For the quadriceps, we stretch the thigh. “Standing, we bend the right leg by taking the right ankle in the hand, same principle on the left side”. For the psoas, “we make a lunge forward, pushing the hips forward as much as possible and raising the arms”.

To be done for about two minutes, as soon as you feel the need.

The wrists

The wrists are constantly called upon to remote work. To relax them, we will walk on them. How to: “Standing, barefoot, we lean forward while bending our knees. We turn our hands over so that our feet are placed on the palms, the toes touching the inside of the wrist. The feet will walk on the hands. At the same time, you bend your back to relax it”.

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