Inspiring Ideas While You’re Stuck Indoors Because of The Covid-19 Pandemic

When you are stranded at home and think that there is nothing for you to do at home, I opposed it as I am going to mention some relaxing and entertaining things you can do at home. That also helps you to gain some knowledge, master your skills, and get yourself in a happy mood.

CHAPTER 1. Great Books

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries is one of those eye-opening books for entrepreneurs and life hackers worldwide. It’s where I got the mindset “the faster you fail, the faster you learn”. I can’t think of another book as powerful and energizing as this.

Cold Hard Truth Series by Kevin O’Leary is a series of books on topics such as money, relationships and self-growth. Kevin makes sure to dig in deep in each of those topics and explain the importance of various practices, factually.

The Game by Neil Strauss opened new doors for me in terms of interacting with women.

This book helped me change from the shy person I was to someone interested and always asking for more and challenging the people around me. But Neil has even more books worthwhile that I haven’t even read myself. this is his website:

Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss is one of the of books I have yet to read. I’ve heard and read numerous references to it from all the right places, therefore it must definitely be good.

Made in America by Sam Walton is an auto-biography of one of the most ingenious entrepreneurs of the last century, the man who created Walmart.

CHAPTER 2 : Great Blogs

Mark Manson writes so well that I can always get my head around what he’s saying. He has a very healthy view on behavioral psychology and what we can do to not fall into our own mind traps or cave into social pressure. A light read, but really powerful.
Tim Urban has an unique style of getting his message across. In his repertoire is a set of minimal stick men drawings (although terribly funny), but his secret sauce is his unquestionably sound logic.

CHAPTER 3: Great podcasts and audiobooks

Tim Ferriss is the kind of guy who tries out things for himself before recommending them to others. He posts podcast interviews every week or so of awesome people and celebrities in various fields of expertise.

And my favorite, How I Build This, which was recommend it to me, and I’m deeply grateful, and amazed by the influence over my life. So, if you ever wondered how some of the world’s biggest brands got their start? From Five Guys to Instagram, How I Built This gives listeners a chance to learn about the stories behind now-huge businesses. Speaking to a different creator in each episode, hear origin stories as told by the people who lived it themselves. Through childhood anecdotes, humble beginnings and often unprecedented growth, this podcast peels back some of the mystique surrounding business success, exploring the highs and lows of innovators along the way. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for advice or simply want to hear the fascinating context behind some of the world’s best loved brands, you’re in for a treat. Pro tip – be sure to listen to the Ben & Jerry’s episode and prepare to be inspired by their feel good story and uncompromising stance on humanitarianism. If you think you love Ben & Jerry’s now, wait ‘til you listen to this.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation, in a selection of interviews with thought leaders, experts in their fields and global stars, Oprah does what Oprah does best – draw out valuable and interesting insights from inspiring people. From Michelle Obama to Chanel Miller, lose yourself in these intimate and open conversations with some of the world’s best and brightest. Motivating, uplifting and generally just an enjoyable listen, each episode of Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations offers a different learning in relation to everything from mindfulness to how you can work towards realising your life goals. If you’re looking for a place to start, we recommend trying her episode with Lady Gaga in which no topic is off-limits and the pair candidly talk through mental health, spirituality, chronic pain and other life challenges.

 Startup is Gimlet Media’s CEO Alex Blumberg’s take on the successes and pitfalls of running his media company. Having sold to Spotify earlier this year, this final season looks at the intersection of art and money and how one values each. That value changes, you find out, when you have your employees’ fates in your hands.

Funny and honest, Ctrl Alt Delete brings a much needed female perspective to the internet. As the former social media editor of British Glamour, Emma Gannon draws on her own experiences online to discusses the world of work and existing online with her high profile guests. If you are worried about how employable you will be in five years, worry not. From dealing with trolls to baring your soul on social media, this series has never been more relevant for emerging women in the workplace.

CHAPTER4: Great websites

Quora is the best Q&A site there is. Whenever I visit it I get to learn new and amazing points of view about things I’d never normally think of. You can spend sleepless days and nights on it and never get bored.

Gapminder – a fact-based world overview. A set of inspiring videos meant to show us humankind’s best.

TED Talks are some of the most easy to watch and inspiring videos. I have yet to find a TV show that’s more enticing and educational than a good TED talk at breakfast or at dinner. I could easily have written a chapter all by itself on the awesome TED talks I saw. But exploring TED is a journey you should take alone.

Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur who’s sharing the secrets to making money and living a full life. He’s built a community of almost one million members.

16 Personalities – a really nice way to assert your personality based on the Myers-Briggs questionnaire.

6 Tips to Manage Your Coronavirus Anxiety

6 Tips to Manage Your Coronavirus Anxiety

It’s nearly impossible to have a conversation without someone mentioning the novel coronavirus, which has spread to more than 196 countries and territories. With over 414,661 confirmed cases and more developing every day, someone in your own community may be affected — and even those far away from affected individuals could be feeling signs of anxiety as offices, schools, and public places, events all being close for the foreseeable future.

Indoor Stress-Relief Activities

Indoor Stress-Relief Activities

There’s no shame in being bored. Whenever you find yourself with not so much to do — or not so many places to go this days — it’s natural to get a bit uneasy. The first day or so is gold: you sleep in, enjoy a luxurious breakfast, and, of course, watch your favorite TV shows. But then, it happens.


Positive Self-Talk: “Why not say something positive about yourself?”

Our thoughts determine our feelings. Our feelings determine our actions.

Words and thoughts we say to ourselves, commonly referred to as Self-Talk, can be used to direct attention to a particular thing to improve focus or in conjunction with other techniques.

Self-Talk is generated within our minds or it can be verbalized. It can improve behavior depending upon how we interpret its words.

Negative Self-Talk produces adverse feelings, anxiety, and physical tension with performance. It affects our intensity regulation, confidence, and concentration. Positive Self-Talk, however, produces constructive feelings and improve performance.

“The Tale of Two Wolves” is a Cherokee legend that illustrates the choices we have to think either positively or negatively.

As the story goes, an old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life:

“A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves. One is evil. He is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good. He is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you and inside every other person, too.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

“Staying positive in negative situations is the hallmark of mentally strong individuals,” observed mental strength coach, Gregg Swanson. Sport psychologist Jim Afrenow noted, “Understanding that this choice [positive Self-Talk] is yours alone is very empowering and important.”

Talking to one’s self isn’t a sign of mental problems. Having an internal conversation is normal and useful. Self-Talk is more than just building self-confidence. It allows you to use your talents to the fullest. It is neither a mindless positive affirmation nor only happy thoughts nor self-delusion. It can give you a handle for controlling moods. It can help you understand why you react the way you do. And, it helps you repeat success and curtail shortcomings.

Restructuring negative to positive Self-Talk is vital to a successful athlete. An athlete who misses a scoring opportunity may say, “I can’t believe I messed up” or “I stink a this, and I’m no good” can change the focus to “there are better scoring chances” and “bring it on!”

“The ultimate purpose of examining what is going on inside your head is to change actions that are self-defeating,” wrote Swanson. “Thinking correctly does alter your negative moods, but enduring change comes only with modifying your behavior.”

How do we do this? Keep your Self-Talk phrases short and specific. Speak to yourself in the first-person and in the present tense. Say what you want done not what you do not want done. Say these positive words to yourself with meaning and intensity. Finally, speak kind to yourself. Don’t berate yourself if something goes wrong.

Both positive and negative Self-Talk are certainly options for the athlete. The negative Self-Talk focuses on the past (anger, regret, and frustration) while the positive Self-Talk thrives on the present and overflows with optimism (strengthen focus, excitement, and relaxation).

“The mind guides actions. If we succeed in regulating our thoughts, then this will help our behavior,” noted psychologist Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis.


Dr. Kevin Goddu, Ph.D.
Head Golf Professional
Butter Brook Golf Club
Westford, MA


Positive Self-Talk










Home Workout Routine

Home Workout Routine

“The things that keep you safe and healthy every day are the same habits that are going to keep you healthy through this outbreak,” said Christina Chang, executive vice president and deputy CEO at Vital Strategies, a global health organization working with governments in 73 countries on pressing public health issues, including pandemics.


We all know that healthy habits like: exercise, drink water, get plenty of sleep, are good for optimizing health. But with so many options and limitless information available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything on internet. But not to worry. We’ve got your back!