Borderline Personality Disorder


Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is often categorized – in short – as a mental illness where the survivor exhibits explosive anger, impulsive behaviors, and unstable relationships – with romantic partners, as well as friends and family.


Borderline Personality Disorder


Due to the destructive nature of these symptoms, BPD has almost become a bad word in the mental health community. As an MSW, I have come across professionals who won’t work with individuals who have been diagnosed with BPD due to the stereotypical “abusive” nature of the disease.

However, the symptoms listed above provide an overgeneralized assumption of the disorder based on only three out of nine possible symptoms – and all symptoms are frequently linked to trauma.

This overgeneralization of BPD marginalizes survivors of the illness by belittling or oversimplifying their experience – particularly those who don’t fall under the assumed criteria.

Furthermore, it makes finding help extremely difficult, let alone receiving an appropriate diagnosis. There are four types of Borderline Personality Disorder that all exhibit differently, and to be diagnosed with BPD, one must exhibit five out of nine possible criteria.

My Experience as a Professional Mental Health Worker with BPD

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Ps. For you to understand better and have a real help, Im leaving you a book link for Borderline Personality Disorder Workbook: An Integrative Program to Understand and Manage Your BPD (A New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)





  1. I’ve came back from the brink mate I’ve understood what I’ve had to understand..

    Turned a life around that was a struggle at the best of times..

    Our bodies have similarities to a rc car..

    Imagine you control the rc car through the handset, if the car loses the signal from the handset, this car becomes disfunctional..

    Our bodies handset is the frontal lobe and all our bodies sensors create virtual reality response, our eyes etc bypass the handset..

    The frontal lobe is wired within the motor side of the brain..

    The motor side of the brain must be wired through the spinal cord to within the gut..

    The vascular skeleton is supported by the gut, this is why, chemical synthetic vascular depression is responsible for causing gut bowl malfuction..

    Gut bowl malfunction simply overloads the brain which then directly interferes with our frontal lobes connection with the motor part of the brain..

    Which creates our bodies.. disfunction and sensory delays..

    My life experience hasn’t been easy, but what a journey to be involved with lol..

  2. Chemical synthetic vascular compression disturbs and creates gut bowl malfunction..

    Gut bowl malfunction, creates unatural toxicity to wax and wane..

    The gut is simply the motor and emotional side of the brain..

    Unatural toxicity within the gut at the time of when our body is in shock..

    Simply forces an explosive effect of toxicity to travel fight or flight from the gut to within our brain, in which i believe unaturally intoxicate the brain and mind alliance = ptsd..

      1. No probs my friend..

        I’ve simply came back from the1 brink mate, I’ve understood what I’ve had to understand, inorder to

  3. Thank you for posting this. There are so many misconceptions about BPD, some of which prevent us from getting the appropriate treatment.

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