ASMR: The Holistic Route to Self-Mastery

ASMR: The Holistic Route to Self-Mastery

Integral to physical success is mental wellbeing. Integral to mental wellbeing is the ability to train our brain and nervous system to relax and fully unwind.

Being able to ‘check-in’ with oneself, switching off from any external distractions is a vital component in meditative self-care practice. We all know that a healthy mind is a healthy body, and healthy body makes for a healthy athlete.

That being said, calming the mind in today’s society can be tricky. We seem to have so many distractions. Whether it is social media demands like Facebook and Instagram, or keeping up with the latest trends, the 21st century has no end of ways in keeping us buzzed, hyper-alert and frankly a little hectic. But now there is a solution for this undeniably millennial problem, and it is called ASMR.

In a virtual world of meditation apps and sleep trackers, you can now use technology to experience triggering sensations and hypnotic sensitivities online. ASMR is a recent internet phenomenon that has taken over YouTube with the intent of making you feel more relaxed.

Often dubbed ‘the satisfying phenomena’, ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and describes the tingling sensation one feels from the top of the scalp that travels down the bottom of the neck.

Mouth sounds, finger tapping and simulated massages are just a few of the popular triggers that regularly feature on ASMR videos. And whilst these may seem strange to the non-experienced ASMR addict (a.k.a. not myself), neurologically speaking these triggers all work towards the same result – slowing down the heart rate and with it, your breathing.

Incorporating ASMR into your daily routine can greatly reduce stress and for an athlete, can re-centre oneself through meditative self-engagement. To feel pleasure, to feel your body unwind bit by bit, muscle by muscle is what experiencing a healthy recovery is all about.

Mental and physical respite gives us time to fully disengage from worldly demands that are external from our primal needs. By slowing down the breathing, and checking in with yourself on a sensitive level, taking note of bodily reactions to satisfying queues, realigns the relationship with our inner selves.

To break down the barrier and increasingly strained dependency between mind, body, self and soul, in today’s society of fast-paced living, can be extremely rejuvenating and humbling.

Whether you engage in some much need ASMR treatment before bed, or simply embrace the trend as a mediation substitute, know that relaxation and self-attention better your wellbeing. And with healthier wellbeing, both inside and out, we can work towards self-possession and eventual self-mastery.

By Tia Byer 

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