Why us?

How do we help?

What do we want to achieve?


  • By offering a place of resources, where we host projects, and also a place for you to be in contact with specialists that can provide mentoring and new experiences for the local community of young adults, in order to train a generation of ambitious, talented and disciplined young people, oriented towards personal and professional success.
  • By creating a safe area, where you can read and discuss about recreation (physical and psychological rehabilitation through meditation techniques, mindfulness, hypnosis, massage, personal conversation etc.
  • Cultural space where we will periodically invite teachers, local entrepreneurs, activists, artists, people who can provide moral support by sharing their own experience to personal success.
  • A model by which we offer a healthy alternative to internal resources for personal development.
  • A platform for young adults, where they can learn abilities for the rest of their lives and where they can nourish self-esteem, self-independence, that is so necessary for a harmonious development.
  • As a local organization, we facilitate and create valuable opportunities within the community.
  • In addition we also consider objectives such as: research and provision of statistical data supporting the necessity of adopting a new perspective in the school sports system and how its realization will have profound implications in the professional development.