8 Stress Increasing Bad Habits To Reconsider

8 Stress Increasing Bad Habits To Reconsider

There are many factors that influence stress, and we cannot control them so easily. However, the way we react to those situations can have a strong impact on our stress level. Therefore, how we react to certain situations or circumstances can help us control and manage stress.

Here is a list of stress increasing habits:

  1. Go around the same thing all the time.
    Overthinking about the same negative thoughts is completely unproductive. This rumination causes tension and your problems will tend to look blacker or you’ll come to see problems where there is none. So far, no one could find a way out of this harmful habit except for the psychological techniques to stop thinking on this and that.
  2. Not enough sleep.
    Lack of sleep is  one of the problems mostly contributing to increasing stress levels, and it becomes a vicious circle: I do not sleep because I am stressed, I am stressed because I don’t sleep enough. When we don’t get enough sleep, not only are we more reactive to stress, but also our cognitive functioning is not as acute, leading to making more mistakes and being even more stressed by doing so.
  3. Eat junk food and overdo it with stimulants.  
    Many people tend to eat a lot when stressed, especially high fat and / or calorie products, to consume large amounts of caffeine and even sugar. But this does not benefit us in anything, being counterproductive. Eating well is vital to everything in life, including managing stress levels.
  4. Neglecting personal relationships.
    Relating to others is great for relieving tension, but one can easily get carried away and pass their tension on to someone else. In relationships, stress can complicate a tense or even toxic relationship. Also, it is necessary that we make time for our friends or for people that matter to us. Neglecting personal relationships can significantly increase our stress level.
  5. Overload the schedule of daily activities.  
    Trying to do more and then more things is the easiest way to “exploit” ourselves. In times of stress it is essential to better organize ourselves and not accept more workload and activities before managing to put under control the stress generated by what has to be done already. Learning to say no to new demands is critical to control stress and life itself.
  6. Be negative or have a pessimistic perspective on life.
    The sixth of the habits that increase stress is having a negative view of things. Stress is often caused by the perception of threats or by a negative view of things. Changing your point of view and being optimistic helps you manage stress, cope with daily burdens with more joy, and have much more rewarding experiences.
  7. Do not exercise at all. 
    Sporting helps lower our anxiety levels in the short term and building resistance to stress on long term. The problem is that, even knowing this aspect, many people find it hard going out for sports or getting up to exercise on a regular basis. Still, it is important to take it seriously and get going.
  8. Become the victim.
    When we are not in full control of a situation we are more likely to feel stressed. Moreover, we tend to feel that we’re in less control than we actually are. By acknowledging the existing options, we can feel less prisoners of the circumstances.

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  1. The two I’ve experienced the most, in this list, are a lack of sleep and less focus on relationships outside of work. I find myself continually absorbed in my work, but I’ve been doing little things to help, whether it’s taking more breaks or getting away from the computer as to avoid mental fatigue.

    1. Dear Rob,

      Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it! Regarding your issues, remember please that work is good and satisfying, but outside of this is also an enjoyable life, so like work, take steps to make it better, like the breake you already take. Another idea is to find something you think is fun and stick with it.

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