Sport Psychologist Job

Sport Psychologist Job

psychologist is a person who has completed the needed academics and training in one of the many psychology subfields (clinical, experimental, counseling, social, community, developmental, industrial/organizational, quantitative/statistics, etc.).

The most common idea about a psychologist is of a person specializated in understanding and curing the mentally ill. And the particular activity is done with someone lying on a couch, while the therapist asks questions such as: “Tell me more about that?” or “How do you feel about that?”. These images, while legitimate, represent only two specialty areas of psychology – counseling psychology and psychotherapy.

I know how you think ! (😉)  It my job to know how your mind works – also, because I thought the same before I started my training. Now I’m here to help expand your understanding about psychology field.

Where you aware that a psychologist may design toys for the little ones? or that it is an entire field that seek to understand how we see objects in color? Did you know that psychologists are involved in crafting congressional legislation, defining the significance of bilingual education, developing ways to with stress and physic pain, designing solutions to reduce substance abuse, also they help athletes perform at performance peak levels, entrepreneurs to grow businesses? Keep in mind that the exploration of the complex function of the brain, is just one interest in the vast profession of psychology.

I’ve been asked many times what’s really my job, and my answer seams to surprise every time “ I’m a Sport Psychologist, I help athletes perform at peek levels, cope with fears, teach mental skills ( focus, composure, confidence, intensity and trust), also foster recovery from injury, performance slumps, and training stress.

I cultivate psychological resistance, manage conflicts, facilitate career transition, grow leadership and communication skills, help create a productive team environment, for any sport that exists or any person who wants to excel and reach the highest performance level.

Psychology and my experience can help athletes, coaches, parents, and anyone involved in sport. I can be a trainer, a consultant or a therapist in your amazing journey on the next top level !

What journey shall we start?


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