Resilience through Sports Psychology, Heartbreak, and Mindfulness

Three books related to resilience.

I’ve been interested in resilience since 2016. I wanted to learn more about how people recover from setbacks and major changes in identity.

I started by thinking about athletes recovering from major losses, enduring injury, or facing retirement. This was partly fueled by my own participation in athletics (competing in Brazilian jiu-jitsu last year, coping with chronic aches) and as a spectator (the mental or psychological preparation or fallout in Rhonda Rousey’s loss to Holly Holm, Rose Namajuna’s self-management which helped her dethrone Joanna Jędrzejczyk, Megan Rapinoe’s sense of self-driven purpose).

Jim Afremow, The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive.

Full length article here 👉 via Resilience through Sports Psychology, Heartbreak, and Mindfulness — R+D



  1. Being a former professional baseball player an interesting reason many other athletes excelled appeared.

    We were driven by fear of failure

    Loss, ridicule, or the disappointment of teammates drove us.

    My father drive me, criticized me as his way of motivation.

    Fear of loss terrified many.

    Babe Ruth enjoyed every minute of his career

    Lou Gehrig did not think he was good enough

    He never missed a game for most of his career

    His fear of loss drove him to devote all his effort while the Babe drank, caroused with women and raised hell without a care in the world.

    Fear of failure should be studied in pro sports

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