Want to Feel Better Right Now ?

I’ll disclose the secret right at the very beginning, and then we’ll talk about it, okay? Are you ready? Here it is!


There is so much need out there. Think of what you’ve got to give, and then share some. Money? Even five dollars helps. Talent? Go entertain someone who can’t go out to see entertainment elsewhere. Writing skills? Write letters. Time? Love ? Oh, goodness, people need it so much. And not only people… A few hours volunteering locally will repay you endlessly with a bounty of thanks and good will.

And then second step is to push yourself forward just a little, despite the difficulty, and give. If you really want to be ambitious, give every day. Make a list of things you can do to help, to encourage, to praise, to love. Giving takes so many forms.

Give. Without expectation of return. Give. With the knowledge that all love put into the world ends up somewhere. Give. Without need for thanks. You’ll  feel better regardless.

Most of all, just give to see that you’ve got it in you. Because you do an you can!

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